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What should I consider when hiring a cleaner?

1. Safety First!

You are letting somebody come into your home and potentially hold a key to your property, it's important you know that you can trust them. Don't be afraid to quiz the company on how they vet any employees they hire and what their policy is regarding DBS checks. If you are entrusting a cleaning provider to hold onto a key for your property, ask where it is kept overnight, whether your address is separated from your key and how the cleaners ensure they do not forget to lock the door.

2. Reliability and Quality

Before hiring a cleaner, ensure they are able to provide a reliable, quality service. Look online for reviews on Social Media or websites such as Trust Pilot to see what experience others have had.

Also, consider asking your friends or neighbours, word of mouth is always best!

Even if they come recommended, don't be afraid to ask for a trial clean!

3. Do they provide their own products?

Lots of cleaners do not bring their own products, this can cause an extra thing for you to remember in your already busy life. We've even heard of cleaners not completing work because the homeowner has not provided a certain product. When hiring a cleaner, always look for a company that will bring everything they need with them to get the job done.

4. What is your experience like when booking them?

Do they answer the phone? Are they responsive? Are they bright and cheery?

A well organised back office often translates into deep, highly attentive cleans, whereas messy or disorganised administrative processes can mean the exact opposite.

When hiring a cleaner, remember, you are interviewing them for your business!


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