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How to make cleaning fun!

Not everyone is a fan of cleaning, and that’s okay. I’m sure there are some aspects of it that you still might like. Maybe, it’s the smell of a clean house afterwards, or making yourself proud when something ends up as shiny as when you got it.

The process towards a clean house is a long and sometimes tiring one but it’s all worth it in the end. I’m here to make sure you don’t give up. Here are some tips to make cleaning fun for you and the rest of your family.

Music. Probably the biggest tip I could give. There really is nothing better than being able to put your favourite songs on and have a dance around whilst you’re cleaning. You could even go all out and use some of the tools as a microphone for your own little karaoke session.

Another tip I had for a fun time cleaning is having your own dance party, which in turn goes along with music. Whether it’s Sinatra, the Beatles, Elvis or even the latest pop music, you’ll be able to dance it out and have a clean house in no time. Podcasts and audio books are also great ideas, catch up on the latest Danielle steel novel or whatever new thriller book they’ve released that sounds gripping!

A lot of people I know have been getting obsessed with true crime podcasts too, so again, if that’s what you like, I’d definitely recommend sticking that on in the background. However, if you want to catch up on the latest episode of Bridgerton whilst cleaning your walls, no-one’s going to judge you at all!

Phone Calls. If you’re like me and you have a short attention span and awful hearing this one might not be for you, but sometimes chatting to friends whilst you’re cleaning really does help speed the process along.

You could maybe even catch up on some work calls whilst you wipe down your mirror or clean your counter. If it’s your boss though, it might be a good idea to do the quietest job you’ve got to do just in case it’s really important and they need your full attention!

Make it a game. Whether it’s with your kids or your friends, it can easily be made into a game. Though, if I asked my friends to help me clean I’m sure they’d be out of the door in a second!

You could set up a points game, something as simple as a point for the fastest cleaner of a certain object or section in the house, or if it’s your children you could make it the fastest one to clean their bedroom get a treat.

If you’re dealing with adults though, you’ll probably want to get the wine in and the chocolate. Maybe, fastest duo to clean a room gets a bottle to themselves, something simple like this can really speed up the cleaning process and make it less gruelling.

Make cleaning a workout. This one would not apply to me in the slightest, though it would probably do as much as a much needed workout. If you’ve got a busy day and only have time for either the gym or cleaning, it’s no bother, you can do both at the same time!

I won’t lie, when it comes to workouts I’m really not an expert, but you could lift a dumbbell with one hand whilst picking up little bits with the other hand. Although, if you need to clean your door, windows and walls, your arms and legs will surely be getting a workout anyway!

Invest in better equipment. The equipment you use to clean with makes a massive difference to your clean and the amount of time spent cleaning. If you’re using some grubby old sponge to clean with, you’re more than likely to be there for at least triple the amount of time than you would if you had a clean and new sponge. I’d also get recommendations off of friends and look at reviews on the internet so you can buy the best products suited for you and your home.

Treat yourself. It’s always important to reward yourself for doing things like this, it’ll motivate you to do it again when needed too. Have a glass of wine whilst you clean, break out a nice box of chocolates to snack on whilst you do it too. Whatever you think will motivate you to clean, if it’s possible to do it, do it!

As always though, if you’re too busy or it’s too much for you, we are always here to help at Thomas Cleaning. You could count it as a treat for something you did at work that you’re proud of yourself for doing, or just a treat because you made it through a hard and busy week and you’re still going! Whatever it is, we’re here to help!


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