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Covid-19 update: January 2021: Latest government guidelines confirm that we can continue to work inside people’s homes in all tier areas in the UK. We will follow all government regulations with regard to face coverings, gloves, other PPE, home ventilation and so on. Thank you for the trust you place in us to safely clean your home.


Let us freshen up and take the stress out of your short-term rental property.

If you own an Airbnb, or even a string of them, we can take the stress out of changeovers by making the place sparkling clean and Covid-safe between one guest leaving and the next arriving.

We’re a professional housekeeping service, not just a cleaning company, so if you want us to strip the beds and make them ready for the next guests, we’ll be more than happy to.



Turnaround times can be tight, so we’ll pop in and out with the minimum of fuss and clean to your exacting standards, ensuring no-one will ever give you negative feedback about cleanliness.

If you live far away from your Airbnb, our secure key-holder service means we can let ourselves in and out without you being there and get on with our job while you get on with yours.

Find out how we can help you by giving us a call.

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