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  • How do I know I can trust you?
    Fair question. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and worked for the most demanding and discerning of people, including Prime Ministers, Lords and Ladies, and the very wealthy, all of whom are as protective about their homes, property and privacy as you are. Our staff are supervised and well-trained, as well as being totally discreet. We also have comprehensive insurance for your complete peace of mind and anywhere there are children present, our staff are DBS-checked. But if you have any further concerns, please talk to us.
  • What if anything goes wrong?
    It very, very rarely does - but, like you, we’re human and accidents can happen, however careful we intend to be. In the extremely unlikely event that we damaged your possessions or property, we’d put our hands up at once and put things right to your satisfaction, all backed by our expensive and comprehensive insurance.
  • How long do you take?
    That depends entirely on what you want us to do, and the standards you want us to work to. A deep-clean, for instance, takes a lot longer than a standard house-clean, and while some clients just want us to do the basics, others want us to do everything from dusting their hardbacks individually to polishing the silver and making every single crystal on their chandeliers sparkle. We have a minimum call out for weekly jobs of 2 hours, or we can be there every day if you prefer. We can do your ironing at your place or whisk it away to ours, and we can work while you’re there or let ourselves in and out, as many of our clients ask us to do. Have a chat with us and we’ll find a way of working that’s just what you want.
  • I run an Airbnb. Can you help me?
    Of course! Many of our clients run Airbnbs and rely on us to pop in and out on changeover day with the minimum of fuss. We’re used to those changeover days chopping and changing, so we’ll be as flexible as you need. No-one will ever give you negative feedback for cleanliness once we’ve been in, as we take as much pride in our work as you do in your property. It goes without saying that we’ll do everything necessary to keep you, your property and your guests Covid-safe.
  • How discreet are you?
    Extremely. Apart from being vetted and highly-trained, our cleaners and housekeepers treat your privacy as they would their own. What they might see or hear while cleaning your premises is your business, not theirs, so what happens at your property stays at your property. Think five-star hotel discretion, and that’s us.
  • Are you the cheapest?
    Probably not. The calibre of people who choose us have, like Oscar Wilde, the simplest of tastes and are always satisfied with the best, so they expect to pay a professional rate for a professional job. There are enough corner-cutters, slap-dashers and jobsworths out there to keep even the least demanding of people happy, but our clients, like you, insist on high standards and are more than content to pay for it.
  • What about Coronavirus?
    We care as much as you do about keeping safe, so we will always follow the latest Government guidelines, whatever they may be. Our staff will wear appropriate protection when they visit, and will take all necessary precautions to keep you and your property safe. If you wish to discuss any other concerns, please give us a call.
  • Which famous people have you cleaned for?
    Our lips are sealed. Whoever our clients are, and however famous or wealthy they may be, they deserve the same discretion and respect for their privacy we offer as standard to all our clients. So we can’t tell you about them, and can’t tell them about you, either!
  • Do I need to buy any special equipment?
    No. We bring our own cleaning equipment and supplies (unless you’d particularly like us to use yours) and ensure we take them away again afterwards so your children won’t find dangerous products laying about when they come home from school. However, if you want us to clean industrial premises (perhaps a school or an office) we will comply with whatever procedures you have, use your products if wanted, and ensure all the paperwork is tickety-boo.
  • What if I don’t want people to know I have a cleaner?
    Don’t tell them, then! We’re proud of the work we do and have highly visible vans and uniforms, but if you’d like people to think you’ve done the work yourself, let us know and we’ll park around the corner and hide our uniforms under a big coat. Your secret’s safe with us!
  • Will you really do my ironing?
    Yes. You crease it, we’ll iron it. And if you like what we do, you’ll never need to iron again.
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