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Tips for 'lazy' cleaners!

Not everyone likes to clean, in fact I’m not really a fan, which is kind of ironic since I work for Thomas Cleaning. I usually get by with bare minimum and it works… I just have a messy bedroom that I have to deal with daily.

However, once a week you’ll notice your house will start to get a little bit dirty. You’ll probably groan and complain about it, whilst knowing you’re going to have to sort it out.

So, I’ve done some research, not only to help you out but myself too. I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to have a clean house with only the smallest of efforts.

1. Drawers and Storage boxes are key!

You’ve probably got random bits and bobs over the floor and around the house. Strategically placed storage boxes would be a great idea. So instead of shoving all your miscellaneous things into a closet (where it will probably fall on you at any moment) you could just place whatever the thing is in the boxes and you’ll have room to walk AND be injury free!

2. As well as drawers around the house, keeping cleaning supplies you know you’ll use in places where you know you’ll need them is also a great idea. You could keep them in the storage boxes and kill two birds with one stone!

3. The sun is amazing! I know currently our weather is up and down. I personally check the weather app on my phone every morning so I know what I’m in for when walking home from work. We all know it’s great for drying clothes and bed sheets, it’s also great for giving them that fresh feeling everyone loves. For me, there’s nothing better than a fresh batch of bedding to make you feel good and have the best night’s sleep.

4. Cleaning as you go along. This is probably the biggest and best tip I could give… and should also start doing it myself. You can clean the shower as you shower. Take a cloth in with you and just wipe around whilst you’re waiting for your conditioner to settle or whilst you reach down for your body wash.

5. Take your time and lots of breaks! If you’re unwinding in the evening from a long day of studying or working, you’ll probably end up watching television. Most shows on the television have 3 minute adverts (which are the worst and you wouldn’t want to be sat there doing nothing!). So, an easy fix, take a few plates to the kitchen or just go around your living room picking up little bits until you hear that famous coronation street jingle that everyone knows.

6. Another thing I’ve found is that quite a lot of things can be thrown in the dish washer and washing machine to clean! Be careful with this tip though as there are also quite a few things that are a big no. Washing machines and dishwashers have hot water going round and in them whilst on. Any heat sensitive things should be kept away as well as most plastic things (unless stated otherwise on that object.) Most fragile things should be kept well away at all costs too, you don’t want to open up the dishwasher and find that your treasured item has been absolutely ruined. Toys can be cleaned in the dishwasher however, so if your child has got chocolate all over their favourite cuddly toy, you can quick fix it and give it a quick clean like that. No tears here!

7. Air fresheners might also be a good thing to have around too. They can eliminate any bad odour and keep your place smelling fresh and clean (even if it definitely isn’t.)

8. And lastly, have fun with it! I find that sticking music on when I clean helps me. Have a little dance around whilst you do it, get your child, family or partner(s) involved too. Grab a glass of wine (or whatever your preferred beverage is! My mum’s a big tea drinker, she loves a cup of tea no matter what she’s doing.) You’ll have to be careful where you place your drink of choice otherwise that’ll mean you’ll be dealing with stains and I’m sure that’s the last thing you’re going to want to do! Especially if you’ve been going around the house and cleaning using the tips I’ve been giving you. More hard work is not what you want to have to do when you’ve had a busy day, however there are a lot of stain removing tips… but that’s a blog for another time!

As always though, we are a cleaning business so if you do happen to be too busy or you would just rather have someone else do it, we’re very reachable and are here for you!


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