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How to choose a cleaning company

Choosing a cleaning company to ensure your homes or workplace are cleaned to a high standard is a very big decision. It should be given a lot of thought and a lot of things should factor into the final decision.

Price point. When choosing a cleaning company, the first thing your mind jumps to is ‘how much is this going to cost me’. However, the quality of the clean is what you should be thinking about. You want an amazing quality clean that shows off the price you paid.

Clean workplace. As well as houses we clean workplaces too. A clean workplace is not only welcoming to customers but also to employee health. It will increase the productivity around the office for sure.

When choosing the right company there are a couple of things that would need to be considered. You’ll want to choose a company that’s going to provide you with the quality of service that you want.

Insurance. Accidents happen in the workplace. It’s always a risk. Even with the utmost care there could still be damage to property and you, so don’t shy away from asking them about their insurance.

Flexibility and reliability. The company you hire should be able to work when you need them to, and should be flexible enough to fit you in around you own schedule or your company’s schedule. Reliability is essential, if your housekeepers start late and finish late then it will impact poorly on your own schedule.

Make sure they meet your needs. Your home and you will have your own individual needs and whichever cleaning company you choose must be able to meet them. You should aim to have one to cater to all your needs.

Health and safety. This is probably the most important and essential part. You’ll want to keep yourself, the people around you and the housekeepers safe. The housekeepers should be trained in health and safety to a high standard.

Cleaning services should carry out risk assessments when necessary and ensure all equipment is serviced and maintained.

At Thomas Cleaning, we make sure that your house is always cleaned to your high standards. Any documents needed are always supplied and health and safety is always taken into consideration.


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