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COVID-19 Update


Latest government guidelines confirm that we can continue to work inside people’s homes in all tier areas in the UK. We will follow all government regulations with regard to face coverings, gloves, other PPE, home ventilation and so on. Thank you for the trust you place in us to safely clean your home.


Some call us a cleaning company, but those who know us better view us as a professional housekeeping service with more than 30 years’ experience.

We’ve cleaned, ironed and tidied for Prime Ministers, pop stars, captains of industry and blue-blooded aristocrats - and, of course, the busy Mum or Dad around the corner.


They trust us so much that most have never even seen our cleaners in action. They just come home and find the place immaculate - which is, after all, what most people dream of.


We can do that for you, too - in and out with the minimum of fuss - and leave you to get on with the more important things in your life.

Cleaning Sink

A clean and tidy workplace you can be proud of, from a company that cares.

Cleaning Sink

Freshen up your sofa and furnishings with our upholstery cleaning service.

Cleaning Sink

Now you can be free on the weekends, and have a clean house!

Cleaning Sink

Let us freshen up and take the stress out of your short-term rental property.

Cleaning Sink

Get 100% of your deposit back at the end of your tenancy, guaranteed!

Cleaning Sink

Keep accommodation fresh and clean, with the help of our team

Cleaning Sink

Get your carpets looking brand new with our carpet cleaning service.

Cleaning Sink

Presentation is key to selling your home, leave the cleaning to us!

Who wants to do the ironing when you have more pressing things to do? And when you have a company, a home or even a country to run, who can blame you if the very mention of cleaning means no-one sees you for dust?


Having a cleaner is as normal for many people as having Sky TV or running water - and if you want to take the credit yourself for keeping your home so beautifully clean and tidy, we won’t breathe a word!


Our distinctive pink cars are a bit of a giveaway of course, as are our uniforms, so if you really want to pass yourself off as Pristine Christine or Tidy Tim, just let us know and we’ll park around the corner and hide our livery under a big coat.


We’ll do things your way, too. If you want a quick once-over once a week or a deep-clean overnight, no problem; and if you’d like us to take out every one of your precious hardbacks and dust them individually without leaving so much as a fingerprint on the dustjackets, it’ll be our pleasure.

"Thomas Cleaning provide excellent home cleaning, thorough, diligent and professional" – Mrs Brien