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Tips for cleaning during lockdown

Greek mythology features an unfortunate character by the name of Sisyphus. After tricking the Gods into allowing him to return from the Underworld, Sisyphus was given a rather creative punishment: Zeus decreed that Sisyphus must push a boulder to the top of a hill. Under the beating Mediterranean sun, Sisyphus strained and struggled, he grunted and groaned, he heaved with a ho. Finally, he reached the top of the hill. Sisyphus' celebration was cut short though, when the boulder began to slowly, inexorably, roll backwards down to the bottom. Sisyphus was cursed to repeat this soul destroying task for all of eternity, forever pushing the boulder up the hill only to watch it roll back down. This is what cleaning during lockdown means to me.

Just when you have tidied the kids' bedrooms, it's time for a crafts project. You wipe down the kitchen surfaces and somebody, presumably your partner, for some bizarre reason, takes it upon themselves to empty the toaster all over the kitchen. And has the dog always shed so much hair?

With our homes getting more use than ever before, it can feel like cleaning during lockdown is a relentless, never ending source of anxiety. Following these tips though will help you keep the chores from mounting up.

1. Get the children on board

Cleaning during lockdown is not a one person job, get the kids to help. Create a reward structure based around keeping their room clean or tidying up toys after they have finished playing with them. Anyone who says you shouldn't bribe children hasn't tried home-schooling a four-year-old.

2. Take regular breaks

Working from home can be ruthlessly efficient. It can feel like stepping away from your laptop is unproductive, but research has actually suggested the opposite. Short, regular breaks make you more efficient, not less.

Have a proper lunch break. Instead of rushing back to your laptop take an extra ten minutes and unload the dish washer, swop out the washing. Doing things little and often is a great tip for helping you when cleaning during lockdown.

3. Brush your pet regularly

With lots of our pets losing their winter coat, it can feel that they are leaving a lot of animal hair on carpets, the sofa or just about anywhere else! Brushing your pet can remove some of this excess hair in a controllable manner and keep it all in one place. Stroking or brushing your pet has also been proven as another stress busting technique and they aren't going to complain.

4. De-clutter

If you do find yourself with a weekend that feels like there is nothing to do, take the time to tackle the attic, or go after the garage. The less clutter you have around the better you will feel.

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help

At Thomas Cleaning we have cleaned over 500,000 houses. Asking for help is not something you should be ashamed to do. During lockdown there is enough to worry about, why not worry about one less thing and ask for a free, no obligation quote today?


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