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The Benefits of Becoming a Thomas Cleaning Franchisee

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are you stuck in a rut within your current employment and long for a fresh and exciting challenge? Or maybe you’re unemployed and struggling to find a way back into a highly competitive and unforgiving jobs market.

If either of these sound like you then you should consider becoming one of a growing number of Thomas Cleaning franchisees who are discovering the money and job satisfaction that is to be had from running your own business.

High Profitability

The biggest challenge of setting up your own business is turning a profit – what with the start-up costs and overheads having to be covered by a revenue that will take time to develop.

However when you start a cleaning franchise with us the low overheads (after all you can run it from your own home – no need for a separate office location) ensure that you can keep more of the money you make for profit.

A Great Work/Life Balance

Typically, running your own business requires a level of work that can threaten to take over your life, a major obstacle for those with a young family or who simply want to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

As a Thomas Cleaning franchisee losing your home life will not be an issue, owing to the fact that you can work so much from home, coupled with the flexibility of being able to arrange your work around your family life.

Enjoy the Freedom of Working for Yourself

Can you imagine never having to answer to anyone other than yourself? Working as one of our franchisee’s allows that dream to become a reality, as your only responsibility will be to your clients – not a boss or team leader looking over your shoulder.

Put in as many hours as you need to and be sure that every hour of hard work you put in translates into money in your pocket.

If you’d like to find out more our cleaning franchise packages and what is included check out the website or give us a call on 01608 646 116.