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What are the Benefits of Working for Yourself?

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It is a dream that many of us have yet few of us attempt to fulfil; working for yourself can be as financially rewarding as it is personally liberating.

Here at Thomas Cleaning we are offering cleaning franchise packages to enthusiastic and ambitious individuals who want to start a new and exciting career, but what are the benefits of working for yourself as one of our franchisees?

Be Your Own Boss

Are you tired of having to answer to a long line of team leaders, supervisors and managers? Or perhaps you’re just fed up of writing up reports and having everything you do scrutinised. When you’re working for yourself you only answer to one person – yourself.

Flexible Work/Life Balance

Having your own business can take up an awful lot of your time, however when you become a Thomas Cleaning franchisee you are doing so with the backing of our expertise and experience, with a lot of the hard work already done for you – for example branding and advertising production.

This allows you to strike a flexible work/life balance, easily fitting your home life around your career, while much of the work can be done from home.

Work for Your Own Profit

When you work for someone else you have a set salary – meaning that even if you have a particularly busy week you don’t get to see any of the benefits. However when you run your own cleaning franchise the more clients you procure – the more money you make!

To find out more about the Thomas Cleaning franchise package, as well as all of the benefits it includes, get in touch with the team today on 01608 646 116.